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Project Management Unplugged: Meet Ryan Hopkins

At 4LP, the dynamics within our team fuels our success, especially when it comes to the individuals leading our projects. One of those individuals happens to be Ryan Hopkins, our Project Manager, who’s always eager to push himself to the next level. His approach is rather direct – he’s the kind of guy who knows exactly what he wants, how to achieve it, and wastes no time in getting there. Despite his straightforwardness, he’s full of fun energy and ready to motivate his guys. Ryan’s journey from the field to the forefront of project management showcases the hard work at the heart of our operations.

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Going Beyond Estimation: Getting to Know Gregory Cavalier

At 4LP, our projects’ success begins long before the first wire is laid or the first protective measure is installed. It starts with thorough planning and estimations that Gregory Cavalier, our Estimator, knows a lot about. Starting as a farmhand to estimator, Greg’s journey is one of ambition, growth, and a deep-seated belief in the impact of our work beyond just lightning and surge protection. I sat down with Greg for a quick and candid conversation, only to realize he’s not just approachable and easy to talk to; he’s someone whose enthusiasm for life is everything he does: from the bids he makes to the melodies he composes (because he also produces music!).

Company News

Javier Mesa Appointed as Director of Sales

4LP, a leading company specializing in lightning protection systems, is excited to announce the appointment of Mr. Javier Mesa as its new Director of Sales. With experience in creating and leading successful teams across diverse industries, Mesa aims to strengthen 4LP’s position as the industry leader in commercial and residential lightning protection installations.