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Javier Mesa Appointed as Director of Sales

4LP, a leading company specializing in lightning protection systems, is excited to announce the appointment of Mr. Javier Mesa as its new Director of Sales. With experience in creating and leading successful teams across diverse industries, Mesa aims to strengthen 4LP’s position as the industry leader in commercial and residential lightning protection installations.

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An Early Start to the 2021 Hurricane Season

Preliminary forecasts indicate that we could be in for another overly active hurricane season, predicting as many as 14 to 17 tropical storms, nine to 11 hurricanes and four to five major hurricanes in 2021.

Lightning damaged S&WB pumps in New Orleans ahead of a major storm. Here’s how.

In the early morning hours of July 10th, 2019, New Orleans residents awoke to heavy rain and flooding streets. A week after the flooding, the New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board announced that several pumps across the city were knocked out of service due to lightning strikes. Could lightning pose a serious threat to the city’s pumping stations and cause major flooding in the future? Yes, and here is how!