5 Lightning Tips To Follow This Summer

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With warm Summer weather comes more intense storms and the increase in lightning activity. You might think you know the basics of shielding yourself from a strike, but there are some extra precautions you can take to make sure you and your loved ones are safe. Lightning is a risk for everyone, but you should pay close attention to these tips if you live in states like Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and other Gulf Coast states!

If you hear thunder, get indoors!

If you are outdoors and getting inside isn’t an option, a car is better than nothing. It’s also important to be aware of your surroundings. The majority of injuries and deaths actually come from ground current caused by indirect strikes. This means you should always stay clear of standing water and other conductive materials.

Install surge protection to guard those expensive electronics!

All those expensive electronics in your home are vulnerable to lightning strikes. Not only can a direct lightning strike ruin your TV or home automation system, but an indirect strike can also wreak havoc. Unplugging these devices can protect them, but constantly unplugging these items may not be realistic. An installed surge protection system can keep your electronics running smoothly year round and protect those expensive items we rely on. Click here to learn more.

Take extra precaution in the afternoons.

Statistics show that 2/3 of all lightning strikes happen in the afternoon between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. Although a lightning strike can happen at any time, it’s especially important to have a lightning plan if you know you’ll be outside during that time.

Utilize a residential lightning protection system to shield your home and family from fire.

A main cause of house fires in the US is from direct lightning strikes. It only takes a single strike to cause a complete structural loss and put your loved ones at risk. The only real way to protect from direct strikes is to install a residential lightning protection system. Click here to learn more.

When visiting an outdoor attraction, like a golf course or ball park, ask about lightning detection devices.

These devices, like a ThorGuard System, constantly monitor outdoor conditions and can alert a large group when lightning is detected in the area. Not only can they alert you to the threat, but they can also let you know when you’re safe to resume your activity. Interested in learning more about lightning detection systems? Click here to visit our partner company Relyon’s website.